Dual Career Services

What is a Dual Career Service?

http://lilacgrove.co.uk/hot-hot-hot/?replytocom=927 A Dual Career Service is a service that employers provide to the partners of their new or future top employees. Here they receive information, advice and contacts tailored to their needs so that they can continue their career at their new location.

Who can take advantage of a Dual Career Service?

http://teamcop.fr/?feymos=site-de-rencontre-rosemere On our Members page you will find many scientific institutions that offer a Dual Career Service. The target group of all DCND members are the partners of professors to be appointed. Depending on the location, other target groups (e.g. postdocs, executives in administration and technology) are also supported.

look at this web-site Your desired organisation is not included? Then ask your new employer whether dual career support is available.

How does a Dual Career Consulting work?

margaux motin rencontre la femme parfaite pdf The aim of dual career counselling is to speed up the job search of the accompanying partners. The following services are usually offered for this purpose:

content Information on the regional job market
Advice on self-marketing (e.g. check of documents)
Assistance with all questions concerning the application process and academic or professional career development
Opening up existing contacts with human resources managers

Can a Dual Career Service find me a job?

No. Dual Career Services expressly do not see themselves as job placement services and cannot guarantee that an attractive job will be found. They see themselves as a support offer and provide Dual Career Partners* with orientation, knowledge and contacts.

Can I contact DCND with my questions regarding our dual career situation?

rencontre femme 33 No. DCND is a platform for dual career advisors at scientific institutions. On our website you will find further tips on international mobility, re-entering the profession or an overview of dual career services.