Welcome to the Dual Career Network Germany (DCND)

Image: Map of Germany with game tokens on network structure

The thoughts of researchers interested in a new job at a German University will soon turn to the question: what about my partner’s career perspectives?

The number of so-called ‘dual career couples’, meaning couples where both partners are highly qualified and who intend to continue progressing their careers, is steadily increasing. So are the mobility requirements they have to meet. Until today, pursuing one’s own career as steadily as one’s partner often meant living apart, commuting long distances and suffering poor conditions for family life.

In appointment negotiations, those universities which offer professional perspectives for partners and help to reconcile jobs with family life gain an advantage. A Dual Career Service supports the spouses of newly arriving researchers by helping with the search for nearby employment that matches their, often very high, qualifications. In addition, a Dual Career Service can provide support concerning the many questions around apartment hunting, searching for child care or schools, dealing with authorities or more general issues surrounding living, leisure or social integration into the new city.

Every university individually determines who qualifies for the service and what kind of support is provided. What all Dual Career Services have in common, is that they are increasingly made use of and that their role in recruiting high potentials and young researchers is advancing. About 40 universities in Germany already operate a Dual Career Service – reason to form a network, the Dual Career Network Germany (DCND).